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Book jacket, "Street Cat Named Bob"


It’s the season to be thankful. Of the things to be thankful for, I celebrate our connection to the animals we know and love. Rusty and Rudy, our two Maine coon cats have deeply enriched our lives; we in turn keep them active and happy.

James Bowen, of London, England, and a former street musician, also has much to be thankful for. He tells the story of his relationship with his ginger cat in “A Street Cat Named Bob and How He Saved My Life.” Bob found James’ apartment when he was very hungry and injured; James nursed him back to health. Refusing to be separated from James, Bob went everywhere with James, sometimes riding on his shoulders. So, they became inseparable and famous too. YouTube features videos of their intertwined lives.  There’s much more to their story – there are six copies listed in our catalog, currently all are checked out.

While waiting to read this this title, you can discover other titles you might enjoy by doing a subject search using the tern, “Human-Animal Relationships.”



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