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Take a trip with a small squishy cow in The Adventures of Cow by Cow (as told to Lori Korchek and photographed by Marshall Taylor.)

Yes, I said “small squishy cow.” The main character of this book is one of those squeezable cow toys. As such, the cow on the cover of the book is itself sort of squishy. Photographs of Cow in different and unexpected situations are the illustrations and the larger portion of the humor in this book. The captions are all “wrong” in some fashion. Horses are labeled as “big dogs” and the “pigs” are really goats. Children will enjoy pointing out the errors in Cow’s narration. Speaking of the narration, I warn you now to watch out for puns. There are a couple of groaners towards the end that I loved. The Adventures of Cow is a short, quick read of a picture book. And now there is a sequel called: The Adventures of Cow, Too. I enjoyed this book very much. I hope that you do, too. Just watch out for herds of scary frogs.

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