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Summer is a good time for us to volunteer in the community. We got a lot of inquires in the library since May. Unfortunately, we have had more than enough hard-working volunteers already. If you are still looking for volunteering opportunities, there are several organizations that are still looking for help:

  • Tri-city health center a community clinic in Fremont is part of Reach out and Read. This is a national program which aims to improve pre-school literacy. As part of this program, they are looking for High School students to read to children in the waiting room as they await their doctor appointments. This is an endeavor to create a literacy-rich waiting room environment.  Students will earn service hours for this and if interested should contact spurikumar@tri-cityhealth.org
  • City of Fremont
  • Adobe Services
  • Masonic Homes of California

Good luck to your volunteer job hunting!! Somebody somewhere in the community will benefit from your contribution and thank you.  Together we make a better place to live.

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