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Avalon High Trailer

Well, it looks like they’ve changed a few things (not too surprising) but it still looks like the Disney Channel version of Meg Cabot’s Avalon High will be fun. It’s showing on November 12, 2010, so check your local listings for the proper time.

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Even before Meg Cabot’s book The Princess Diaries was available to read, Disney had purchased the rights to make a film adaptation out of it.

I’m guessing that they saw something they liked.

The book and the filmed version have many similarities, but many differences too. In the book, Mia lives in New York, her father (The Prince of Genovia) is alive, her mother is an artist who ends up dating her Algebra teacher, and her grandmother (the Dowager Princess of Genovia) is a selfish, mean sort of person. In the film, Mia lives in San Francisco, her father (the King of Genovia) is dead, her mother is an artist who ends up dating her speech and debate teacher, and her grandmother (The Queen of Genovia) is the lovely, thoughtful Julie Andrews. In both cases, Mia had no idea that she was royal until she was told.

Really, it ends up feeling like the book and the film are two versions of a similar story. I liked both. The second film, The Princess Diaries 2, is more of a continuation of the first film than an adaptation of a further book. I enjoyed that one too. Maybe it’s just my whole princess fixation. Who knows?

Have you read the books or seen the films? What did you think?

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