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I am  not into antiques , or  collecting in any big way . However a lot of people are .  As I  poked around in our  catalog – I  found  this  list  of
Novels. Also a  list  of  kids books. And of course , the non fiction books on collecting, caring for, price guides, and starting a business are here too.

So if I’m not interested, what brought this up?

The 48th Annual Niles Antique Fair & Flea Market, which is this weekend, of course.

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If you have lived in Fremont , for even just a little while, You probably know that Charlie Chaplin made a few film here. specifically in the Niles district. In fact there is a museum and Theater in the Niles district where you can see all kinds of silent films.

What you might not know – is that there still is a lot of filming that goes on in the Niles District . Including today’s google logo.

In case you miss it , here it is :

And at the library you will find both books about Charlie Chaplin and films

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The Bay area is busy place and you don’t have to go far to find plenty to do. Where do you find out what is going on in Fremont?

The Library Event Calender is a great place to start. You can limit your view to just one library, events just for Kids ( or adults or teens) , or to just one month.

Of course, one of the best places to go is the Fremont City site. It will tell you why the curb in front of your house is being torn up , when the next city council meeting is and of course, it leads you to the Parks and Rec department. You can register for classes here. You can also get a list of local parks and there is also a link to The East Bay Regional Park District .

There are two local newspapers for Fremont The Argus and The Tri-City Voice. Both have information on all kinds of local happenings and fun.

One place you might not be aware of is the Niles Community Forum , which list all kinds of events that happen in the Niles District of Fremont. Roses, movies, and music!

Where do you go to find out where to have fun in Fremont?

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Hello World!


Welcome to the new blog for the Fremont Libraries!

This blog will cover the Fremont Main Library, the Centerville Library, the Irvington Library, and the Niles Library. Here you will find event information, reviews, useful links, interactive games, general silliness, and whatever else we come up with. We will be updating at least five times a week, so be sure to stop by often.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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