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The American television premiere of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show happened on February 9th, 1964. There was a big build up of excitement about the Beatles coming across the pond to the United States. Radio stations had been playing Beatles music and newspapers and magazines ran stories about the musical group before their first live appearance on American television. There were only 728 audience members present in the studio, but over 73 million Americans in more than 22 million homes tuned in that evening to get their first glimpse of the mop-haired quartet performing. So many people watched the Sullivan Show that night that it was rumored that crime rates fell across the country from 8pm to 9pm. It was a defining moment in many viewers memories and a milestone moment in pop culture. The “youngsters” as Sullivan referred to them were an immediate sensation and ushered in the British invasion on the American music scene. Of course they went on to be incredibly successfull and have remained one of the most popular and beloved musical groups in the world. Watch their American premiere below:

Check out beatlesbible.com to learn all about the beatles and if you want to read more about their premiere on the Ed Sullivan Show, including quotes from the band members on their experience, click here.

Alameda County Library has a very nice collection of Beatles music, DVDs and books here.

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