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Thursday Thirteen #107

Surprise! You can browse all 137 years of Popular Science (or Popular Science Monthly as it was once called) online for free. (When you get a chance, check it out here.) So, this week I went back to February 1873 to give you a taste of science past.

13 Article Titles from “The Popular Science Monthly” – February 1873:
1. The Law of Storms Developed by Professor Thompson B. Maury of the Signal-Office, Washington.

2. Heat and Life by Fernand Papillon (translated from the French by A.R. MacDonough, Esq.)

3. Nervous Health and Moral Health (from the London Spectator.)

4. Brain-Work and the Emotions (from the London Lancet.)

5. The Romance of Medicine by Frederick Arnold.

6. The Expression of the Emotions (Author?)

7. The Study of Sociology by Herbert Spencer (VII. Subjective Difficulties – Emotional.)

8. The Warming of Houses by John P. Seddon, Esq.

9. Is Electricity Life? by Henry Lake

10. Do Birds Improve in Nest Building? (translated from The Revue des Deux Mondes. By J. Fitzgerald, A.M.)

11. The Antipodes and PeriƓci by Hezekiah Butterworth, Esq.

12. Useful Things by Edmond About

13. Charles Robert Darwin (No author given)

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