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I like making simple crafts at the end of preschool storytimes. Many of the crafts are my personal creations and do not require fancy materials. In response to parents’ request, I am posting some of our favorite ones here. Since they are so easy, I am not going to write detailed directions. You will know most of it by looking at the pictures. Have fun!

Pizze Costume
We made this pizza costume last Halloween and had a parade in the library. Everyone just loved it!

*The pizza crust is from a paper grocery bag. Cut an up-side-down triangle from the open side of the bag. Cut a hole in the middle of the closed side (bottom) of the bag.
*Cut out “pepperoni”, “green pepper”, “mushroom” shapes from colored paper. Cut small pieces of yellow and white yarns as “cheese”. Crumble small brown tissue pieces into balls to make sausage.
*Glue all the “ingredients” onto the “crust”.

Mother’s Day Wristband
We made this pretty wristband for Mother’s Day. The message on the strip said “Happy Mother’s Day” in English and Chinese.

*Cut out flower padels from any colorful paper, even tissue paper will work.
*Have children glue flower padels and a pompom on the strip then staple/tape the ends of strip together.

Duck Mask
“Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack quack” was what happend at the library after we made this mask.

*Cut out a big circle from yellow paper and fold it in half. Glue it to the bottom of the paper plate. (Use small plates for small children.)
*Add a few yellow yarn pieces to the top of paper plate to give it some hair.
*Tape a stick (straw, pencil, popcicle stick, etc.) to the back of the plate for holding.

Spiral Bug Mobile

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