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The kids at Centerville Library had been checking out bags of books to read in the past two months, all with a same goal–to win their dream prizes at the Kids Auction. When the big day had finally come, the waiting line stretched from the doors of the meeting room, through the gate, then the aisle between the Adults Non-fiction shelves, all the way to the wall, and turned around. We didn’t expect this big of a crowd!

Call that crazy or what! The biddings on the most popular items went over a thousand Library Bucks! Not everyone won but they all had a lot of fun! To make sure everyone could go home with something, we also had a sale of buyable goodies outdoors in the library’s patio. Although it was overwhelming, it was worthwhile seeing all of the happy kids.

This is an event kids will want to participate in again and again. But we need to come up with some good strategy to clam them down next time.

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