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Fun February Facts!

triviaHey, trivia lovers!  How much do you know about the month of February? I found the quiz below on a web site called Trivia  Champ, http://triviachamp.com . Have fun and see how much you know about the shortest month of the year.  Answers are at the bottom. 

1> February was called Solmonath by the Anglo-Saxons.  What does this mean?

a. Mud month

b. New Year

c. New Beginning

d. Winter End

2> What is the birthstone for February?

a. Amethyst

b. Sapphire

c.  Emerald

d.  Ruby

3> If you were born on February 6, what would your zodiac sign be?

a. Aquarius

b. Taurus

c. Cancer

d. Leo

4> What is the flower for the month of February?

a. Violet

b. Gardenia

c. Lily

d. Sunflower

5> Which  awards show normally occurs at the end of February?

a. Tony Awards

b. Academy Awards

c.  Grammy Awards

d.  Golden Globes

6> Which legendary character is recognized on the 12th of February?

a. Paul Bunyan

b. Johnny Appleseed

c. Peter Parker

d. William Tell

7> If you were born on the 24th of February, what would your Zodiac sign be?

a. Cancer

b. Pisces

c. Gemini

d. Libra

8> Which of these famous rockers was born on the fourth of February?

a. Paul McCartney

b. Alice Cooper

c. Eric Clapton

d. Sting

9> What animal predicts the weather on February second?

a. Groundhog

b. Spider

c. Rattlesnake

10> What huge celebration occurs in Brazil in February?

a. Independence Day

b. Mardi Gras

c. New Years

d. All Saints Day

Answers: 1> Mud Month, 2> Amethyst, 3>Aquarius, 4>Violet, 5>Academy Awards (this year it’s March 2, so it would not interfere with the Olympics). 6> Paul Bunyan, 7>Pisces,  8>Alice Cooper, 9> Groundhog, 10>Mardi Gras

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Tonight is the night …Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II starts playing at midnight. Do you have your tickets? I just purchased mine this morning and am super excited to see the final Harry Potter film. I’m also a little sad that the whole thing is coming to an end. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for many years now as I’m sure many of you have been too. The first time I saw a youngster at the library carrying around the huge Goblet of Fire book I knew there must be something special about the series and the author J.K. Rowling. As I read the series I delved into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts and was mesmerized! So if you are like me and you have read all the books, seen the movies and are wondering what to do next…wonder no more. Come and check out the Harry Potter Jeopardy game at the Centerville Library next week. The Jeopardy game is for kids but parents will want to watch too. If you are a fan then you’ll want to test your Potter knowledge!

Tuesday July 19     Beginners Level: books 1 – 3 grades 4 and under

Thursday July 21      Expert Level: books 1 – 7 grades 8 and under

Schedule for both days as follows: 2:00-5:00

2:00-2:45  Quiz Contest

No participants are allowed in 15 minutes after quiz starts.

2:45-3:45  Grading
3:45-3:50  Quiz winners announcement

4:00-5:00  Jeopardy!

Only quiz winners will compete in the Jeopardy game   but everyone is welcome to watch. If no contestants can give    the correct answer, the question will be open to the audience.

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