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13 Classic Radio Shows

Thursday Thirteen #38

Hello all. This week I’m hearkening back to the days of yesteryear. I bring you a blast from the past. 13 facts about 13 classic radio shows. Please enjoy.

Do you have a request for something you would like to see 13 facts about? Let me know.

Video killed the radio star?
1. The Saint (1945-1951) – Vincent Price was one of the actors who portrayed Simon Templar. (listen)

2. The Shadow (1930-1954) – Originally, The Shadow was created as a narrator fot “The Detective Story Hour.” (an online documentary)

3. Dragnet (1949-1957) – The theme music was not yet in place when the show started. It was added within the month. (listen)

4. Tales of The Texas Rangers (1950-1952) – This show was developed by Stacy Keach and starred Joel McCrea. (listen)

5. Buck Rogers (1932-1947) – In Buck Roger’s 25th century, Niagara is the capital of the US. (listen)

6. Flash Gordon (1935-1936) – Flash’s radio run wasn’t very long. His spot was soon taken by Jungle Jim. (listen)

7. Gunsmoke (1952-1961) – The Gunsmoke theme was written in ten minutes, as the composer had overslept that morning. (listen)

8. Hopalong Cassidy (1948-1952) – This radio show was a gamble that paid off big time for Walter and Shirley White, who financed the original episodes with their own money. It also paid off for Bill “Hopalong” Boyd who had purchased the rights to his films with borrowed money in preparation for the TV market. The return on their investments was phenomenal. (listen)

9. Tarzan Of The Apes (1932-1936, 1950-1953) – The original Jane was played by Joan Burroughs, the daughter of Edgar Rice Burroughs. (listen)

10. The Whistler (1942-1955) – Dorothy Roberts whistled the theme weekly for thirteen years. (listen)

11. The Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin (1930-1934, 1955) – The actual Rin-Tin-Tin provided his own sound effects until his death, at which point RinTin-Tin Jr. took over. (official Rin Tin Tin site)

12. Fibber McGee and Molly (1935-1959) – Fibber and Molly were played by Jim and Marian Jordan for the entire run of the show. A word to the wise? Don’t try to open Fibber’s closet, no matter what you’re looking for. (Radio Hall of Fame page)

13. Dick Tracy (1934-1946) – This show was based on a comic strip by Chester Gould. (listen)

The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning

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