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scollins-210-Hg--jacketThe  Hunger Games by  Suzanne Collins  is  a non – stop action filled books that leaves  you breathless and with a lot  to think  about.

The  Story:  Years ago,  there was a war.  A very bad  war.  The North American Continent is  now divided  into districts.   12  living and a 13th that was bombed into oblivion.  The closer  you  are to the capitol district , the better  you life  is.   As part of their control,  the Capitol  has invented  the Hunger Games.  Every year, each district must send one boy and one  girl (  age 12- 18) to the games.  The game is survival and  the last child alive  is  the winner. 

The Hunger  Games are  broadcast on TV, every  minute.  Viewing is required by  law.  The games  are like our current reality  TV — Strategies, alliances, even costuming.  But the stakes are  much  higher.

Fast reading and  some what disturbing reading for  teens and up.  The first  in a series.

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