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The Alameda County Library system offers access to four different kinds of eBooks (books that can be read online) and two kinds of eAudiobooks (audiobooks that can be listened to online.) The ebooks that I get the most questions about are from Safari Tech Books, so here are a few tips to help you all access Safari.

Basically, this is the deal with Safari.

There are very limited number of remote access licenses for Safari that are shared throughout the county. Chances are, when you are trying to log in, there aren’t any licenses available as there are too many people using the system. (Sometimes this access issue is caused by a firewall problem on your computer, so you may want to check that as well. Further, sometimes Safari won’t run on the Safari browser. Ironic, no?)

Instead of clicking on the link to a particular book provided on the catalog, you might also try to access Safari more directly:

  • From www.aclibrary.org
  • Click on “eBooks & eAudiobooks” under “Using Your Library”
  • Click on Safari Tech Books Online
  • Type in your Library Card Number when the system asks for it.
  • Continue on to the Safari Page.
  • Look at the top right hand corner. If it does not say “Welcome, Alameda County Library Remote Access” then you will have to try back later as the system is too busy.

If all else fails, you should always be able to get into the system from inside the library.

I have managed to get in from home a few times, so I do know that it is possible. There is no special access code to enter, just keep checking back. Oh! And when you get in, never click “Logout” when you’re done. Just close the window or navigate away. I once did that on accident and it took me forever to get back on.

Clicking on a title from inside the catalog should also work, but sometimes coming in the other way makes a difference.

So, there you are. A few tips on accessing our Safari ebooks. I hope that it helps.

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