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Thanks to my library card, I was able to visit the San Francisco Asian Art Museum without charge and to meet visiting terracotta warriors from China.  discoverandgoThe eight life-sized warriors and two horses there now are representative of the more than 7,000 clay warriors with horses and chariots that were designed to protect the First Emperor, Qin Shihuang, in the afterlife.  Qin Shihuang had ascended to the throne at 13, unified seven warring kingdoms and proclaimed himself First Emperor.  Discovered in 1974 in Shaanxi, China, by farmers digging a well, the First Emperor’s tomb complex is a parallel world meant to enable his rule after his death.  In addition to the clay warriors, ongoing archaeological excavations have revealed a replica of the imperial life as the First Emperor knew it, including terracotta musicians, acrobats, officials and water birds of bronze.Terracotta Warriors  Signing up at the Information Desk for a guided tour of the exhibit, scheduled at noon and 2 p.m., helped to bring displayed artifacts together and create a picture of what life was like during the First Emperor’s reign.

The video clip below shows the unpacking and installation of the current China Terracotta Warriors exhibit, which runs through May 27, 2013. A Discover & Go pass to the Asian Art Museum admits two adults and children under 12.  If you go, just remember to choose a date other than the first Sunday of the month, which is a free day at the Museum.  One daughter who made the mistake of picking this month’s first Sunday said she was glad she had her pass and did not have to stand in line with the many, many people awaiting admission, but it was truly crowded inside.  Have your library card ready and find out where else it may take you.  Start here.

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Because of its name alone, I’ve always wanted to visit Treasure Island just outside San Francisco but it’s been one of those things, taken for granted because the place is right there and I’ve really had no compelling reason to make the trip.  And then, one evening earlier this month, on our way home after dinner in San Francisco, my husband took a turn off the Bay Bridge, and there we were.   “Treasure Island“, of course, is Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of pirates and buried gold.  On this Treasure Island, I saw Bliss Dance, the 40-ft dancing female sculpture by Marco Cochrane, first viewed at Burning Man 2010.  Bliss Dance is a light show at night.

My husband had lived on Treasure Island before we were married; now he wanted me to see the view.  I think that was just an excuse for him to stop by the water and to take his place beside others who, like him, wanted to take advantage of the fog-free evening.  Here’s one shot he took (without a tripod, he said proudly) of a wonderland by night, San Francisco and the Bay Bridge.   May your holiday season be just as light-filled and enchanting.

SF Bay Bridge

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On a recent trip to San Francisco I took advantage of the Free Passes to Bay Area Museums available at the Alameda County Library.  I was planning on going to the city in the evening for a concert, but then thought “Hey, why not make a whole day of it!” I’ve encouraged library patrons to use the museum passes. So, in planning my city activities for the day I decided it would be a great time to try out the Discover & Go museum tickets myself. I went on to the Alameda County Library website (aclibrary.org) to see which museums I could get tickets for on this particular day. It turns out that the Cartoon Art Museum (one of my favorite museums in the city) was available. So I clicked on my museum of choice and printed out my single page ticket. Then off to the city I went! It was really that easy.

The Cartoon Art Museum is located at 655 Mission Street and is just around the corner from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and Yerba Buena Gardens. It is also not too far from Union Square and Powell St., where you can hop on one of the famous San Francisco Cable Cars. If you are in the area I suggest you check out the Cartoon Art Museum. This museum is definitely a little gem if you are a fan of editorial cartoons, newspaper comics, comic books, and graphic novels or anime. Take a look at their website and facebook pages to get an idea of what to expect. Current exhibits include: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 70 years of Archie comics, Last Stop: Troubletown, and a very poignant look at how cartoonists remembered the events of September 11th on the tenth anniversary. There are many other comics to view as well, including some from the early 1900s. So if you are interested in the history and evolution of cartoon art be sure to check this museum out.

If you would like to get tickets to the Cartoon Art Museum or any other Bay Area Museum participating in our Discover and Go program go to aclibrary.org. Use the pull down tab labeled Services and click on Museum Passes. Next, click on the Discover & Go ticket icon on the left. Then you will need to log in with your last name and library card number. From there you can browse museum ticket availability by venue or date. There are so many wonderful choices!

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