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On November 24, Centerville Library held an open house for Larry Van Deusen’s “My Global Village” paintings and it was a great success!  Many people came to admire the beautiful artwork and chatted with Mr. Van Deusen.  More than 20 international snacks and drinks were served to celebrate the global theme.  There were dishes from Ireland, Spain, China, India, Israel, Japan, just to name a few.   Children were having fun trying to find the hidden letter in each painting.  Some people stopped at the desk to watch the paintings slideshow.  It was such a nice event!  We would also like to thank our County Librarian Jean Hofacket, and all other library administrators and staff for taking the time from their busy schedule to attend this open house.

But the fun did not end here, if you headed to the meeting room, you would see families and friends were having a good time playing board games, toys, and Wii games together.   

 It was an awesome afternoon at Centerville Library! Thank you all for coming!  Thank you if you brought in the refreshments! Last but not least, a big thank you to all our wonderful teen volunteers!  Without your help, the open house and family game time would not have been so successful.  You are the best!


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