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Decades ago, in another century and in another country, I had to take mango languagesSpanish language classes in school.  Ostensibly this was to enable us, members of younger generations, to appreciate the country’s history and literature.  Critics, however, saw this as a continuing reminder that Spain had ruled the Philippines for 400 years and kept the natives in the dark, maintaining educational institutions solely to benefit the peninsulares and the insulares–Spaniards from the mainland who lived in the new colonies and the full-blooded Spaniards born on the islands.  With typical youthful shortsightedness, I saw my Spanish classes only as requirements to meet in order to graduate high school, then college.   Since then, here as an adult in our diverse community, I have been taking lessons off and on, trying to learn the language.

I do remember some things of my college Spanish classes.  One professor, pronunciatorin particular, required the class to memorize sayings, and for our final exam we had to write down as many of those observations on life that we could remember.  Two adages have stayed with me all these years:

El que se pica, ajos come.   I admit I have used or been reminded of this saying at times, especially on occasions that prompted thoughts of “if the shoe fits…”  as well as “serves you right.”  After all, he who feels the sting most likely bit into the garlic, right?

Hay que darle tiempo al tiempo.  This one appears to be meant for anyone expecting something.  Researchers perhaps?  In this age of instant gratification, one is told to be patient, to wait and to allow things to happen in due time.  Be that as it may, I say now is the time to wish one and all:  Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felicidad!

Explore the Library’s language learning resources.

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Yes, schools have already started and homework is getting on us.  Do you know there is free online homework help right at your fingertips?  If you have an Alameda County Library card, you can get connected with a live tutor anyday between 1:00 pm and 10:00 pm, or you can submit your questions 24/7 and get your answers back within 24 hours.  The live tutors can also help you build Academic skills.  They provide assistance for most of the major subjects you may have in school–Math, English, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Algebra, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, foreign languages, etc. 

In addition to these services, you may also submit your writing to get advices from an expert.  There is also a Test Center where you can take practice tests and receive live test tutoring.  If you are taking a foreign language, you can get homework help from the Foreign Language Lab.  Right now only Spanish is offered but more will be added in the future. 


How do I access Alameda County Library’s Homework Help Now?

  • Go to the library’s website at http://www.aclibrary.org
  • Look at the left side of the screen and click on the blue “Homework Help Now!” box.  (If the box is not there, go to the “Articles and Databases” under “Research Guide” in the main area of the webpage.  Click on either “For Students & Teachers” or “Test Preparation” and find “Brainfuse”.)
  • Enter your library card number to access the service.  It’s recommanded to create an account with the service to maintain your records and track your progress.

Wish you a very successful school year!

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Are you planning to travel abroad this summer, and need to learn some foreign language quickly? Or are you taking a second language lesson in school and want to improve more? Maybe you want to make friends with people who speak a different language?  Maybe you just want to learn Japanese because you are a super fan of Pokemon (like my son)?  Have you been looking for a self-paced online language system so you can learn the language in an easy way? Here, check out Alameda County Library’s new database addition–Mango Lanugages.

What language courses are available?

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • English for Polish Speakers
  • English for Spanish Speakers
  • English for Brazilian Portuguese Speakers

How do I access it?
As a member of the Alameda County Library, you can use Mango Languages FREE of charge.

  • Go to Alameda County Library’s websitehttp:www.aclibrary.org
  • Click on “Articles and Databases” under Research Guide.
  • Click on the “Language Learning” topic.
  • Click on “Mango Languages“.
  • Enter your library card number and you are in.
  • Create an individual account following the instructions.  This way you can keep track of what you’ve learned and know where to continue the next time.

Mango is very easy to use.  Sound quality is great.  Learning is flexible.  The contents are designed on real-life situations and actual conversation to help you learn how to communicate in an efficient way.  So check it out now!

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