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The next Twilight Saga film is New Moon. It’s headed to theaters on 20 November. In fact, I’m told that the midnight showings of the film are selling out all over the place already. Good thing I wasn’t planning on catching one of those.

While we wait for 20 November to get here, I offer you a few videos to keep you entertained. They seem to have changed a few things in the transition from book to film, but I remain hopeful. Okay. Really, I can’t wait.

New Moon Clip 1:

New Moon Clip 2:

TV Spot 1:

TV Spot 2:

Most Recent Trailer:

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I imagine that there are a few of you out there who are just as obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books as I am, and are having all kinds of trouble waiting for the film to come out on 21 November. So, I bring you a spoilerific trio of scenes from the upcoming film to tide you over until the big day. The first and third scene are from the official Twilight film Youtube channel. The second is eight minutes of film as shown in Rome at the film festival. The one at the film festival has a few moments of loud screaming, as you might imagine. Enjoy!

What If I’m the Bad Guy?

At the Cullen’s House:

In the Ballet Studio:

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