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To sign up:

  1. Using your text-messaging capable phone, text message the word SIGNUP to aclibrary@shoutbomb.com
  2. A reply will ask you for your library card number.
  3. Reply to the text with your library card number.
  4. The next reply will ask for your email address. Enter your email address or text NOMAIL if you do not wish to receive emails.
  5. There should be one final message to complete the process.

Common command words include:

RESEND -To have Shoutbomb resend its last message.

ADDEMAIL -To add or update an email address.

IOWEU—To see current total fees/fines.

HELP – Will list all available keywords.

ADDCARD -To add another card to your account.

QUIT— To stop Shoutbomb SMS. Will prompt for library card number.

SWITCHPHONE— Update phone # or provider.

If you want to cancel any notices, you can text:

OVERDUE to stop overdue notices

RENEW to stop renewal notices

HOLDS to stop hold notices

FEES to stop fees/fines notices

Sign up now and start receiving text alerts from your library!

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