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Friendship is one of life’s sustaining pleasures, but what do you do when your friends are far away? Or even worse, what do you do when your friend is a caterpillar and he’s gone into a cocoon? You watch over your friend, of course: in the dark, in the wind, in the rain. And even if your friend is gone for a really long time, you never give up waiting for them to come back. But what about when you come to check on your friend one day and the cocoon is empty? Where has caterpillar gone? Will Bear ever see caterpillar again? This is Bear’s dilemma in Greg Foley’s latest sweet and subtle exploration of friends who stay connected no matter what.

If you like Don’t Worry Bear, be sure to read Thank You Bear as well, a story of how one person’s (or in this case, one mouse’s) point of view changes everything.

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