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High-speed Internet connection is now more widely available, and heavy online shopping is no longer limited to the workplace on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving.  If you are doing any buying from any websites at all, some helpful reminders are provided  here.  The Federal Trade Commission manages OnGuardOnline.gov in partnership with several federal agencies including the departments of Education, Commerce, Justice and Homeland Security, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Explore the site for tips on how to be safe, secure and responsible online.  Facebook users should be particularly interested in the November 29, 2011 blog entry on the agreement Facebook reached with the FTC regarding privacy.

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Thanksgiving always makes me think of family, friends, food (and football!).  Most of us picture turkey on the table for our holiday meal, along with cranberries and pumpkin pie.  However it may surprise some to know that it’s not even certain if turkey was on the menu of the Plymouth Colony members back in 1621 when they shared a feast with the Indians in the region.  Actually, according to Godfrey Hodgson, author of A Great and Godly Adventure, it’s pretty unlikely that turkey was even available in the area and probably the larger part of the meal was deer brought by the Indians.  If there was bird at the table at that time, it was most likely geese or duck.  The Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson agrees with this scenario but does say that turkey was probably on the menu at the next recorded Thanksgiving in 1623.

Somehow deer on the table doesn’t hold the same homey picture as a stuffed turkey in my mind.  If you need ideas on what to serve up for Thanksgiving, check out the holiday cookbooks at your local library and don’t feel compelled to confine yourself to turkey now that you know it probably wasn’t on the table back in 1621.  Whatever you end up serving, be sure to enjoy it with those around you.

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Thursday Thirteen #46

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving (and I have the day off) so you folks get the Thanksgiving thirteen this week instead. Have you ever marveled at the sheer variety of books with Thanksgiving in the title? No? Well…now you can.

The Thanksgiving Thirteen:
1. Thanksgiving 101 : celebrate America’s favorite holiday with America’s Thanksgiving expert by Rick Rodgers

2. Thanksgiving : an American holiday, an American history by Diana Karter Appelbaum

3. Thanksgiving at Obaachan’s by Janet Mitsui Brown

4. The Thanksgiving beast feast by Karen Gray Ruelle

5. Thanksgiving Day at our house : Thanksgiving poems for the very young written by Nancy White Carlstrom ; illustrated by R.W. Alley

6. Thanksgiving crafts and cookbook by Nancy Hathaway ; with ill. by Hannah Berman

7. The Thanksgiving Day parade mystery by Marion M. Markham ; illustrated by Dianne Cassidy

8. Thanksgiving mice! by Bethany Roberts ; illustrated by Doug Cushman

9. Thanksgiving night : a novel by Richard Bausch

10. The Thanksgiving table : recipes and ideas to create your own holiday tradition by Diane Morgan ; photography by John A. Rizzo

11. The Thanksgiving visitor ; A Christmas memory by Truman Capote

12. Thanksgiving in the White House by Gary Hines ; illustrated by Alexandra Wallner

13. The Thanksgiving ceremony : new traditions for America’s family feast by Edward Bleier

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