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Thursday Thirteen #116

These days, most libraries offer a variety of materials. One that you will find in Alameda County is the Television Show on DVD. Have a favorite show you want to watch? Check the catalog at your local library and get started placing those holds.

13 TV Shows we have on DVD in Alameda County:

1. Charmed
2. Doctor Who
4. Cheers
5. Deadwood
6. Dexter
7. Monarch of the Glen
8. Stargate Sg-1
9. Supernatural
10. Breaking Bad
11. One Tree Hill
12. Queer As Folk (US)
13. The Avengers

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Alameda County Library has more than just books, audiobooks, and films. We also carry a wide selection of television programs. From Connections to Desperate Housewives, from the Simpsons to Mr. Bean, you can find it here. Why not give a new series a try?

Here are ten shows to get you started:
1. Doctor Who

2. Farscape

3. Friends

4. All Creatures Great and Small

5. M*A*S*H

6. Torchwood

7. The Prisoner

8. The Sopranos

9. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

10. Rebus

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