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What happens when you put a character similar to Pogo in the middle of an adventure Tolkien would have written?  Why you get BONE of course!  Bone is the award winning graphic novel created by Jeff Smith.  The books are full of action, adventure, comic relief and strange characters on a quest.   I picked up the first volume of Bone and finished off all nine volumes before I knew it.  If you’ve never read a graphic novel but like the possibilities in the story, give it a try.  Don’t be embarrassed to have someone catch you reading a “comic”, believe me, if you’ve ever been to a comic book convention you’ll know that plenty of adults read them.  Head to your local branch and check out the first volume and before you know it you’ll be looking for the rest .

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Pogo, think of a cute yet philosophical possum living in Okefenokee Swamp.  This creation of cartoonist Walt Kelly ran as a newspaper comic strip for many years.  Jeff Smith credits Walt Kelly as one of his inspirations.

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