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Make a snowflake


How to make a snowflake:  

Step 1: draw a circle on your piece of paper. (Using the compass here is super easy, but you could print a circle off of the computer, or trace around a plate or another circular object).



Step 2: Fold your circle in half.



Step 3: Fold the circle in half again (you should have a quarter of a circle now).



Step 4: Fold the circle in half one more time. You should be left with a folded triangular shape (looks like a piece of pie).



Step 5: Draw some patterns on your snowflake. Start with simple geometric shapes. Maybe half a heart, some half circles, and a few triangles? After you practice, you can make more intricate shapes.

Important to remember: you do not want to cut all of the folded side of your snowflake. You may cut some shapes out of the folded side, but leave at least a few small spaces uncut. This will keep your snowflake together.



Step 6: Cut out the shapes you drew. Take your time and make them look as nice as you possibly can. The cleaner the cuts, the nicer your snowflake will look.



Step 7: Carefully unfold your snowflake. You’re all finished! Now you can add glitter, or paint or whatever else you like to decorate your snowflake.


 Just a few notes if you are curious about how to tell which part of the snowflake you are working on. If you cut a shape out of the tip of the folded paper, you will end up with a hole in the center of your snowflake. If you want the center of your snowflake to be solid, leave the tip of the folded paper uncut.

The top curved edge of the folded paper will be the outside edge of your snowflake. You can play around with designs to see what you like.

Any designs you cut on either long side of the folded paper will end up being the designs on the quadrants of the finished snowflake.

There are plenty of otehr designs for snowflakes available on the internet. Do a search for snowflake patterns or snowflake templates and you should find quite a few. Enjoy!

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