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Thursday Thirteen #65

Some of them are long, some short. Some of them are obscure, some common. Thirteen words that I like (and a short definition.)

13 Words:
1. defenestrate – to throw someone (or something) out of a window

2. obfuscate – make obscure or unclear

3. callipygian – having beautiful buttocks

4. sesquipedalian – given to the use of long words

5. octothorpe – the symbol # (also known as pound, hash, or sharp)

6. omphaloskepsis – the contemplation of one’s own navel to induce a mental trance or philosophic calm

7. persiflage – frivolous bantering talk

8. kef – a state of dreamy tranquility

9. dungarees – Heavy denim pants or overalls, worn especially as work clothing

10. davenport – a large sofa

11. bumbershoot – A whimsical term for an umbrella (also, an annual arts festival in Seattle, WA)

12. Egad! – A mild exclamation

13. foible – idiosyncrasy

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